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  • Engines Engineering partner of Master Engineering Racing Motorcycle



    The passion for speed, the excitement arising from the race, the deployed commitment to build a vehicle that conveys great emotions: beyond the aesthetic captivation of bikes, it is clear that all of this is possible thanks to the great technical work applied on the development of race bikes, a project to be pursued with perseverance and creativity with high skills in engineering. However, the bike motorsport industry is made up of enthusiasts and experts and lacks the graduate engineer figure who is endowed with the right skills to deal with this world from the business point of view.

    The Master in Racing Motorcycle Engineering, unique in Italy, has been established to give the opportunity for young engineers to turn their passion and expertise into real professional opportunities; for this, the 5th edition of the Master consists of the following objectives:

    • conveying technical skills to design and development of motorbikes;
    • expanding topics in the engine and electronics areas;
    • teaching how to use criteria and modern methods of engineering applied to racing motorcycle and sports motor at the design sector;
    • allowing young undergraduates and graduates to gain valuable knowledge to get into a racing division and be proactive in the task in a short time;
    • offering an inspiring experience aimed at developing leadership and team working skills.


    The Master in Engineering Racing Moto is a high-level training program designed to:

    • near-graduates and graduates in Mechanical Engineering;
    • near-graduates and graduate in Electronic Engineering;
    • near-graduates and graduates in Aerospace Engineering.


    The program consists of 10 modules to be carried out over a period of 7 months, for a total duration of 300 hours in classroom.

    Attendance is part-time on weekends.


    The teaching staff is made up of mechanical and electronic engineers with several years of experience in the motorsport bike industry, from specialized areas.


    • Vehicle dynamics
    • Data acquisition and Electronic Management
    • Engine and Transmission
    • 3D and 2D CAD training
    • Materials and Heat Treatments in Bike Motorsport
    • Engine Components CAD design
    • Engine Components Structural Calculation
    • Chassis Components CAD Design
    • Chassis Components Structural Calculation
    • Aerodynamics – CFD