Engines Engineering, celebrates 40 years from its foundation.

  • Engines Engineering, celebrates 40 years from its foundation.

    Engines Engineering,
    Italian excellence in motor vehicle design,
    celebrates 40 years from its foundation.

    Engines Engineering has been working with the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers for 40 years. The jewel hidden in the heart of the Motor Valley celebrates this important anniversary, retracing the company’s history, also through four symbolic projects: Malaguti Fifty, Malaguti F12 Phantom, Benelli TNT, Suzuki Katana

    September 2019, Bologna

    It was 1979 when Alberto Strazzari founded Engines Engineering, with a clear idea in his mind: to become the ideal partner for motorcycle manufacturers, offering them an engineering capable of managing a project from design to start of production. It was “a leap in the dark”, as he himself defines it, because at that time there was no such reality in the field of two wheels, but the initial adventure turned into a world-class excellence.
    Today, the reality he created has become a structured company that designs and develops motorcycles for the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, from the USA, to Europe, to the largest producers in China and India, to Japan; the names are obviously omitted due to contractual restrictions.
    The 40th anniversary of Engines Engineering was an opportunity to retrace the history of the company; a story characterized by innovations, great challenges and acknowledgments, important collaborations, but above all an irrepressible passion: that for motorcycles.
    “It is an important goal,” said Alberto Strazzari, founder and CEO of the company, “which marks the maturity of a reality that I built by pursuing my passion for motorcycles, which is and always will be in the company DNA”.
    To represent the past four decades, four symbolic projects have been chosen among more than 150 realized by Engines Engineering, one for each decade:
    • The 80s: Malaguti Fifty (1982), the first great success that marked the beginning of the historic collaboration with Malaguti;
    • The 90s: Malaguti F12 Phantom (1993), one of the best-selling scooters in Italy in the 90s;
    • The 00s: Benelli TNT (2003), The first real large-capacity sports nude
    • The 10s: Suzuki Katana (2017), new edition of the 1981 Katana, historic model of the Japanese company
    The four models were exhibited at Villa Scarani, on the occasion of the anniversary celebrations; a party organized as a moment of sharing for the company’s staff and historic partners.

    “Engines Engineering is a great and important reality that makes our territory and our town proud” these are the words of the mayor of Castenaso, Carlo Gubellini, who wanted to express his thanks to the company and to the whole team: “I noticed a hard-working, tight-knit, close team. I think a lot of this success depends on the workers, who are the engine of the company “.
    The words of the mayor fully reflect the thoughts of Mr. Strazzari, who defines his group as a tribe: “A tribe is more than a group; it is a cultural entity”. In the Engines Engineering tribe there are important figures, such as Livio Tampieri, the first employee who has been in the company since its beginning and who was awarded with a trophy with a number 1 during the anniversary celebration evening. That special night honored the past but also embraced the future by presenting the project of an electric show scooter, on which the Engines Engineering team has been working and which wants to demonstrate that electric does not only mean zero emissions and zero noise but it can also be fun.

    “The future of Engines Engineering is in the growth of a young workforce who can project the company into the future to reach new goals in the next forty years. The search for constant innovation of processes and technology, maintaining flexibility, and the ability to anticipate the future without forgetting the passion of the beginnings and the experiences of the past”; this has been the recipe of Mr. Strazzari for a successful company in its first forty years.

    To retrace the main stages of these first 40 years of Engine Engineering success, visit the “History” section.


    Foto dell’evento

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