Project development

Passion and competence have always characterized Engines Engineering working method.

These virtues are appreciated by Customers and granted the development of more than 150 projects around the world.



A team of experts takes care of the entire vehicle design process, integrating creativity and knowledge to achieve the highest levels of excellence and innovation.

Services offered:

  • Target definition, selection of the vehicle’s requirements, customer exigencies and concept
  • Sketches and rendering
  • Tridimensional surface creating from sketch (Alias)
  • Clay models making
  • Scale model (Master model) making
  • Reverse engineering from point cloud (Alias)


The design of two-wheelers requires different activities: from initial analysis, development of the model up to the proper simulation. Engines Engineering is able to guarantee its Customers services that face all the variables in the design phase, in detail:

  • Analysis of vehicles on the market
  • Design of layout (UG, ProE, Catia)
  • Design of components
  • Structural simulation (Ansys and Abacus)
  • CAD 3D / 2D Engineering
  • Industrialization


Engines Engineering is partner of several Companies regarding the prototipation of body, chassis and engine of vehicles.

In particular it deals with:

  • Development of frame and metal components
  • Plastic components prototipation
  • Development of models and synthetic wood molds
  • Matching with commercial components
  • Assembling of vehicles from prototype to pre-series
  • Assembling checks with 3D dimensional control machines


Engines Engineering carries out any kind of tests thanks to its specific testing laboratories and they can simulate very faithfully all the conditions a vehicle may undergo during use.

In detail, it offers the following services:

  • Experimental tests for FEA calculations validation
  • Test on engine with experimental benches
  • Test on vehicle (aerodynamics, performance, noise, vibrations, etc.)
  • Analysis and calibration of suspensions
  • Liability tests, ergonomics and drivability
  • Pre-homologation with various Standards

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