Engines Engineering becomes a CUNA member

  • Engines Engineering becomes a CUNA member

    Engines Engineering is now associated with CUNA (Technical Commission for the Standardization in the Automotive Field) whose aim is the unification and publication of voluntary standards to be used by lawmakers to support binding legislation;


    Voluntary standards may become the most authoritative reference to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements (in case of harmonized standards related to the “Automotive” Directive);

    Voluntary standards may constitute a valid means for the manufacturer to enter foreign markets (e.g. under the WTO TBT Agreement).

    The main advantage Engines Engineering got from this collaboration is to know the possible orientations of the legislator in advance to effectively address the development of new technologies that, after tests, will be consolidated through technical unification.


    For companies like Engines Engineering, who need to face the challenges of international market by introducing innovation into their products and processes, CUNA:

    • forms a common technical forum for discussion and debate;
    • provides an active and direct role in the development of standards and technical regulations at national and international level;
    • provides access and a direct view onto worldwide innovation initiatives.



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