Servizi del dipartimento elettrico

Benchmarking and Product Requirements

►Analysis of the market trends

►Performance qualification tests on reference products

►Structural analysis of reference products

►Reverse Engineering


Style and Product


►Market data analysis

►Product profile definition

►Industrial Design



Integration of Marketing, Styling and Engineering


Technical Package Specifications

From Product Requirement to technical package specifications:

►Iterative process

►Numerical Simulations

►Technology definition

►Cost target


System Architecture

►System Architecture definition according to Client requirements

►Safety management: FMEA and Risk analysis

►Functional requirement specifications

►Commercial components Specifications


Vehicle Layout

Successful Product as result of integration Powertrain and Vehicle Layout

►Central Motor with Belt/Chain transmission

►Gears on the Motor

►Gear on the Wheel

►Motor and Gearbox unit on the wheel


►Vehicle Handling and Stability

►Weight Distribution

►Innovative Solutions


Motor Design

►Best Motor Architecture definition for the specific application

►FEMM Numerical Simulation

►Electric Machine detailed design

►Prototyping and qualification tests



HW design

►Logic HW designed with internal staff

►Power HW designed in collaboration with specialist of the sector and direct involvement of Silicon manufactures

►System architecture designed in collaboration with the clients

►Possibility to configure the system according to production optimization strategies and cost targets


FW design

►FW design with internal staff

►Model-Based design with Simulink ®

►Fully customizable embedded FW to the specific application

►Easy portability to different HW platforms

►SIL-MIL debugging


Prototypes and testing

►Vehicle Prototyping

►Powertrain Prototyping with Italian Partners

►Calibration and Development on dedicated benches

►Chassis Validation

►Testing on the road



From the concept to the Production

►Direct Collaboration with the supplier chain of the motorcycle OEM in the Industrialization stage

►Know-how and technology transfer on the local supplier

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